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Theta Healing is a meditative technique conducted while the practitioner is in a theta brainwave state - an altered consciousness where brainwaves are slowed and where the God is. This then brings the client to this state; a state they may have never or seldom reached in this life and the benefits begin by just being there.

Theta is a non-invasive, gentle therapy helping people heal depression, chronic pain, illness, sub-conscious blocks and more. It works with science and quantum physics and the movement of energy, atoms and physical particles in order to allow the mind/body the conditions it needs to correct itself.  It works with the energy of Creation/The Super Consciousness/All that Is because this is the Theta level and is where all healing, correction and Love are within us. We really need to access it because when we sub-created this realm with our small mind, we elected to leave out qualities of God - along with Forgiveness. Without accessing this part of ourselves, we are not whole and therefore operating in a weakened state.


Theta Healing can be used for so many things, here are just a few:


The Procedure

Requests to the Divine are made at the beginning of Theta. Practitioners can be

very specific when requesting a healing or they may just ask for the energy of

Creation to do what is needed at the time.  Neither is wrong or right. Theta can

be done one-to-one, over the phone or internet or absently.  There is nowhere

in the Cosmos it cannot reach because it is part of Creations

intertwining energy; as we all are. For both practitioner and client it is essential

to drink a lot of water before and after because this state does have a

dehydrating effect on the physical body.

After the session both practitioner and client will feel very relaxed.

It is then good to take some time to ground.

With distant or absent healing a time needs to be set up to do the treatment.


I love to do Theta, especially absently, (its my passion), because it gets the body out of the way giving the energy a clear path. However Theta is just as beneficial on a one- to one basis. I never know what I will see, hear or sense when doing a Theta session.  Sometimes I see "matrix" like people and other times I see them in all sorts of different forms.  It is here though that I hear the Voice for God so clearly and feel like I'm home.  As I witness God’s work I'm always in awe and feel so blessed to just be there. Every healing is different and its effects can be astounding. When working with the DNA I am often given the number of the Chromosome that needs correcting.  It is always interesting to look this up on the internet, after the healing; and it is always relevant.


Past lives can be cleared easily.  Although not real, they are part of the illusionary script we wrote against ourselves. Most of these have left unfinished, unpleasant imprints in our present life;  and as they play out, disrupt our journey here. Clearing these answers many, often unspoken questions we have. We are then freer to live this life to be as it was meant to be - wonderful.  See my Past Life, Present Confusion page for more details.

Theta Healing Session Prices

1 hour $85.00AUD   Double session 2 hours $150.00

Bookings essential - email me or phone 040 1559849    

Phone, One on One or Absent with full email or phone feedback  

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Payments by PayPal, Direct Debit , Cheque by arrangement

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DNA Correction


Sub-conscious reprogramming of limiting beliefs

Clearing negative energy & entities

Past Life Program Clearing

Ancestral Imprints Clearing

Physical Healing and correction

Clearing trauma and conditioning from this life

Energy Balancing

Body Alignments

Assists in De-toxin after medical treatments

& so much more

About Theta Healing

Theta -Unseen, Unlimited Divine Energy

For Absent or-Phone sessions

Disclaimer: All healings offered through this site are considered alternate or complimentary approaches to healing. Many spiritual healings can, and do correct the mind and bodily conditions, but please seek medical advice if needed & continue with any prescribed medications.

Inside the Atom

Inside the atom there is nothing, except the thoughts that we project into it, in the now. The atom is a superimposed molecule that we have created in our mind to veil the I Am Presence, (which is everywhere - there is no where that it is not).   We can, and do project negative thoughts into atoms and so they then appear to become active by mirroring that though back to us. If we still our mind and just observe the atom, we will see that it contains nothing because we have stilled our thoughts.  We will observe that the atom does not really exist at all. The veil will be gone and all that eternally remains is the I Am Presence.

This applies to everything in our world and Universe; it is holographic - nothing but a dream superimposed over the I Am Presence.  ©JuliaStyles 2013

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