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What is Spiritual Healing

Spiritual Healing works with the small mind which created the thought of separation, sickness, suffering, guilt etc. It seeks out and addresses the cause and effect of this thought; its projected imprints, which have seemingly and destructively cascaded across the universes of time and space.

Spiritual Healers have insights into our other scripted planes of existence and the multi aspected selves that are experiencing them. They may be able to connect with past life scripts, karma imprints, those who have passed, Angellics & Masters etc. In other words they can tap into overview of the, otherwise invisible energies. They may be able to do all of this or they may specialize. They are requesting light, healing and correct perception to be brought to the dark areas of the mind that have forgotten Truth; and so it is done. They work with Spirit, as the conduit, holding the space between the mass- conscious, collective, dreaming mind and the Mind of God.  They observe as the scripts/veils that appear to be draped across Creation, obscuring Gods Presence, dissolve.

Spiritual healing deals with the cause and effect of the inverted thought of separation and has cloned and projected its intentions on, what appears to be our many existences. Dissolving the destructive imprints that cause and perpetuate disruption, and separation, allows Presence to be restored to the mind and therefore the reality of the person. It is a heart opener.

Spiritual Healers have a developed secondary sense and can see, hear or sense that which most humans have shut out. Being able to do this is actually normal; shutting it out is abnormal, but in our up-side-down reality, we don’t see it that way.

Oneness is everywhere; there is nowhere it is not. If we rub out our movie version of it, we will see that it is here, has always been here and that it is, in Truth, the only Real reality. All of those who have passed are part of this Reality and so are all of us; we are there, just dreaming we are here; we have lost no one; we are just shut down. It’s not mysterious or spooky, it’s Real and complete. Spiritual healing is helping Self Realizing Itself!

Payment for Healing?

Healers charge, barter, take donations or gift their services. When they charge, barter or receive donations, it is only for their time and sustenance, which is an essential part of all human experience. Many who work as healers/teachers, part or full time, have chosen to be freed up from the 9 to five jobs, to help humanity by extending the Truth to those destined to discover it, at this point in time. It's a Soul contract.  Humanity would lose this precious and irreplaceable service to itself if they needed to work elsewhere. Many healers are in a position where they don’t need or want to charge. This is perfect too, for those who need their services will be drawn to them.  There is a Divine plan for everyone and thankfully its versatile.

What is healing but the clearing away of all that appears to stand in front of Truth

About Spiritual Healing

The Healer's Role

Healers are the “askers” and temporarily, in that moment, may appear to have a stronger connection to the energy of Love, than the client.  In Truth there are no levels of connection, only a belief in them.  In reality healers are not needed at all because no one is really sick; only dreaming they are.  Everyone, being part of the Divine Energy, can call on it to assist them, at any time; something most of us have difficulty accepting because the mind tells us otherwise. A person’s resistance will affect the value of any healing however, Divine Healing is always complete and instant; only resistance cause’s persistence. A consideration in any kind of healing is that the client’s resistance may be part of their Divine Plan for leaving the Earth plane.  There are other reasons for resistance too, but the client has written it in their script and it will be healed in their own perfect timing. Healing assist whatever is needed right now, whether the client is aware of any deeper need or not.  Healing is always about changing the mind, unlike medication which is specifically for the body, (something not to be ignored if needed).  Spiritual healings deal with many unseen aspects of the Soul.


Oneness is everywhere; there is nowhere it is not.

If we were to turn off our movie screen version of it, we would see that it is here, has always been here and that it is, in Truth, the only Real reality. It’s not mysterious or spooky; it’s Real. We are only dreaming it is not.


There is another way of looking at the world. (ACIM), this can only be seen and experienced by removing our fear of it.

What is healing if not the dissolving

of all that, which is not Truth

All healing, whether it is physical, mental, emotional or spiritual is complementary to all other healing modalities. We are One and are meant to be working together to heal what ails Humanity. Each facet of healing overlaps the other in some way; each has experienced instant healings and also, no visible result at all. The client has to be ready, at some level, to accept any kind of healing, although, is not often conscious of this. Please use your wisdom and don’t give up any medical advice or medications, nor disregard other complimentary healing methods, because the Whole You could benefit from all of these services at one time or another.  Ultimately you have free will and all your choices are honored by Spirit and hopefully soon, all of humanity.

The Title of Healer

The word “Healer” is not really appropriate because the Healer doesn’t do the healing. The "Healer" is the asker, the pointer and the human element that holds the healing space for Spirit and client. The Healer is the witness to Divine Miracles and therefore gets to see or sense some breathtaking moments.  Stepping out of God’s way is the best thing a Healer can do.

The continued use of the title "Healer" has been long debated in spiritual circles. Eventually all Spiritual Healers reach a stage where they realize their true, yet essential part in any healing is to step back and let the Divine do it.  There is not an accepted name for this; it could be “witness” or “channel,” but the term Healer seems to be more acceptable and recognizable. We can spend time debating this, but it will only serve, as yet, another distraction from our purpose.

There is really nothing to fix or heal, but while we still dream

there appears to be a need for healing and correction.

Disclaimer. All healings offered through this site are considered alternate or complimentary approaches to healing. Many spiritual healings can, and do correct the mind and bodily  conditions, but please seek medical advice if needed & continue with any prescribed medications

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Why Absent Healing is my Primary Healing Modality?

After healing, teaching and using many hands and absent healing techniques for many years, my journey became focused in absent healing. I love being able to send energy to anyone - anywhere. Also, for me, it seems to be much more powerful when the body and its resistances are not present.  It has been proven that Quantum energy becomes stronger with distance. In the years I have been working with absent healing I have witnessed some amazing healings and corrections. I often hear the Creator's information for that person and see them in a variety of forms; some I could not describe at all! Trust in God is all I need, and this just deepens with every healing. No two healings are ever the same and my awe and gratitude are always present.

This is my personal preference and in no way diminishes hands-on or one-to-one healing in anyway. Hands on healing is a great comforter (so badly needed in this world), as well as a wonderful healer. Those who work this way find it healing ability and sensing mechanism just as effective as I find absent healing. Its all a matter of using the gifts we have brought with us on our journey; they are our strengths.

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