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Clearing Past Lives

Clearing past lives involves accessing the Akashic records and the Masters who keep them. I see them as visions and hear much information as the client’s records are opened. The records contain the information of our journeys from the point we dreamt we left Home until our we return to our right mind.


Our records contain the stories of the journeys. The joy; the success; the failures; the confusion and all the unresolved issues from each life. The unresolved issues are blocks that stop us in our tracks in this life. They are full of trauma, vows, curses, illness, ego contracts, promises and oaths, vows and more.  Some of these are written, some verbal and some simply assumptions.  They are imprints of beliefs about us and our dream lives. They are all based on believing we are separate and its this momentum that ensures continued suffering. Having these accessed, cleared, healed and forgiven will free up the energy that holds the belief or block in place and allow the flow of God/The Cosmos to re-emerge in that space.  

Wonderful information can be accessed through the Akashic records. Many gifts and talents are trapped under layers of trauma.  A very common scenario is of the Spanish Inquisition where a soul was tortured and killed for was using their healing gifts. I have met many tentative healers who shy away from using their gifts in this life simply because they still carry the imprints and deep trauma from this type of past life.


Many illness can be attributed to past life traumatic imprints.  For instance some, not all, people with eating disorders have been Suffragettes or in some way severely deprived of nourishment in other lives.  This is a just a small sample of a huge array of illness that can be helped by Past Life Clearing and Forgiveness.


Ninety nine percent of the healing from past life therapy comes from the understanding of where and seemingly when a present issue arose. People often have an "aha" moment at the end of a healing as the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle fall into place for them; often with great relief.


Past life Therapy is not a game, it can be an amazing part of healing the Whole being; but soon afterwards we are wise to remember they are illusionary and move on from them. In my many thousands of past life sessions with people, I have only come across a couple of famous people. These showed themselves because it was imperative to the healing.

Past lives also help people to see who they are and why they do certain things. The gifts they have are often gathered in the experiences of the universal multi aspected self and can be utilized in this life.














Difficult relationships, especially within the family, are often echo’s from unresolved past live. They are definitely not the only source of difficult relationships here though. There are simply millions of dreamt up scenarios that can be tapped into with past life healing and if healed with integrity can be a great service to humanity.


Looking at past lives is fascinating because it is mainly a big tangled web of thought manifested into forms of suffering.  Once the healing is done, a domino effect takes place and dissolves all similar lives with similar issues. It instantly releases all Soul contracts.  So its a good thing! Not scary at all; it just clears the multi aspects of ourselves that no longer serve our and others higher good and brings us into wholeness.


Its value is immense for peace on this planet. Without our ancient warring ways of revenge and restitution, relationships are brought into harmony and peace can be had and felt.  Dissolving the impulses and imprints of hate that have previously driven us allows us to be who we truly are; at One united with all of Creation.  Its not a pipe dream, it is happening now.


Past lives also help people to see who they are and why they do certain things. The gifts they have are often gathered in the experiences of the universal multi aspected self and can be utilized in this life.


So many people are curious about Past Lives and will ask questions such as:


  • What are my gifts?

  • Who was I in a Past Life?

  • What is the next step on my journey?

  • Who am I?


These are very relevant and helpful questions, usually prompted by the Soul. If the answers come from a source of integrity then the journey of loosing off who we thought we were, allows who we truly are to surface.



Up and Coming Books

I have two Past Life Books that hopefully will be ready next year. One is a visual reference using my

graphic weaves with a little writing for clarity. This book  has been designed to  help us understand

how extensive our Soul journeys have been The other book is full of information answering frequently

asked questions and experiences gained on the journey.

Disclaimer. All healings offered through this site are considered a the mind and bodily  conditions, but please seek medical advice if needed and continue with any prescribed medications.


Past Life Sessions

1 hour $85.00AUD - Double session 2 hours $150.00

Phone, One on One or Absent (with comprehensive written feedback or phone report).

Bookings essential - email me or phone 040 1559849  

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Personalized Graphic Weaves

with optional Healing/Reading on the final Weave



Past Life, Present Confusion
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The whole world is a form for Truth, if you allow yourself to see it that way

Its better to see God in everything NOW, than to waste more lifetimes trying to figure out that which can only be experienced, to be believed.

Actually, we have no problems -

we have opportunities for which we should give thanks...

An error we refuse to correct has many lives.

It takes courage to face one's own shortcomings

and wisdom to do something about them

Edgar Cayce

I have taught people how to do past lives and shown them how to do it for others and themselves.

The graphic weaving I created is all about the Web of the Soles journey. As I am doing them they take on a life of there own, appearing to access the Akashic records, with relevant information being a weaved into a physical form. I often feel or hear bits of information as they are being created but mainly just keep going until there is a definate stopping point. The weave is then ready for a desktop, wall hanging or anything else the client wishes to do with it to let that information and beautiful energy permiate there existance. A Reading/Healing can be done on the weave, if requested and when it is complete. Here are a couple of examples of personalized weaves created from photo.

Go to my Personalized Weaves Page to see more or contact me.

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A Holy Moment

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Meeting the Self

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Wonderful gifts for the self and others

A Holy Moment  
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Past Lives and Karma are not real. They are part of our own collective and individual duality scripts.

Only our belief in them creates an effect. Healing & forgiveness dissolves both the real cause and the effect

m_m_Meeting the Self

About Past Lives

Past Life Healing with the Akashic Masters

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Unweaving the Web of Suffering ;



Restoring us to the Now!



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My Journey with Past Lives

About thirty five years ago, after enthusiastically reading a small handbook on past lives, (spiritual books were so rare then), I began to see past lives on walls. Then, situations like just sitting next to someone on a bus, would instigate and vision of their past lives. Later I was to do extensive healing and workshops dealing with past lives and karma.  I was channeled a karma release course in the 90’s; an unforgettable few weeks for those who attended.  From this course I was given a list of scenarios that each of us have encountered as we seemingly journey our way across the Universes – trying to deny our Oneness!

Years later an excellent Channel mentioned my reading walls without knowing anything about me.  Apparently I learned to do this in a past life as a monk.  I have also read some of the books I have written in a past life about past lives.  An excited friend found some of them and dragged me to a library archive to read them (thank you Brian if you are reading this). They were undoubtedly mine. (I will add here that I didn’t like one of them at all, it was so long winded; I actually never finished reading it!

I work with The Akashic Masters or, as I used to call them, the Masters of Karma, to help find and dissolve the past life imprints that, being unresolved, drop into this life and interfere with the peace that can be found here.

Soul Contracts & Other Information

We have many Soul Contracts, set up before we incarnate into this dream.  We need to resolve the negative scenarios and relationships within these contracts so that we are able to stop looping into the dream in a never ending cycle of imprinted separation and suffering.


Past lives are not real, but part of our duality script. Our script are like entry tickets into this Cosmos and are based on an inverted version of Truth. They appear as a mesh of entangled dreams that sprawl across the Universes obscuring the Light of Truth – temporarily.  These scripts are densely scrawled over everything, the places, the people and all situations.  Past Lives, when conducted with integrity, simply RUBS THEM OUT, allowing the light of Creation to shine through everything again.


The duality journey script is all about experiencing the dark and lighter side of life and most of us seem to have done this quite extensively; now it’s time to give it up!  Our scripts contain literally thousands and thousands of past lives; all intertwined with each other. They have an impact on us because there appears to be, to us, in our small minds state, a lot of unresolved issues.  While we believe & store this in our sub-conscious we will manifests those issues and scenarios into our present lives. Healing and releasing these lives, and the other souls and situations we believed to be involved has a great impact on our peace of mind.

We are here to resolve all relationships and  we have chosen to be here in 'relationship' with everyone to do just this. We continually seek Creation's perfection in all humans and are constantly dissappointed because they just don't measure up!.. We blame others but it is only our own re-written, projected, judgemental scriipts that hide the truth of their Divinty and our own, from us.We have not been seeing clearly for eons! Past Life Relationship Therapy is an extremely usefultool for ending ancient, outmoded realtionships that do not serve us well anymore.

Past Lives are not real, neither is this life. All Universal existances  are part of our pre-planned, well written tours of time and space..  We really reside in the Golden Light of Home; all of us,. From there  extend holographic aspects of ourselves into the field of universal dreams. We have created  our suedo lives to look and feel so real that we now believe they are!  We have had many, many lives and accumulated tons of unhealed emotion as we have gone along. These  bleed into present dream lives causing disruptions and more of the same They will loop in  life after life. until they are dissolved or healed. Then the imprint disappears and thankfully the repetative scenario goes with it. No more 'Ground Hog Days or lives!'

Be Here NOW!