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The Power of Forgiveness

All healings I witness in my work are based on forgiveness, as any clearing is incomplete without it. Forgiveness is the key to peace and freedom; it is the end of separation, anguish the suffering produced and projected by the mind. It can save a Soul many, many more dreams of reincarnation and the distress of further searching for the answer. This is the answer, right here, right now. Forgiveness shifts reality and ends separation.

This beautiful gift has been given to us by Spirit to enable us to go from our, often hellish states of mind, to seeing and experiencing the world through the eyes of Love.  Struggling to do this alone is not only torturous but futile. We need help because the illusions that we have created are far vaster than we can perceive now. We often think we have cleared an issue, only to find it has morphed, yet again, in a slightly different form. It’s very frustrating! This is why we don’t really know how or what to forgive. We didn’t build true forgiveness into our dream and we only see a small portion of any issue as it mirrored back to us. We are so entrenched in our dream realities now that we have forgotten and no longer recognize that we are in a hypnotic state of denial.

It is always best to ask Christ who it is we need to forgive, or our self delusions may choose for us.

We need to tell the "story" to the Holy Spirit, who will undo the entire unseen, web of sprawling tentacles attached to it. Having dissolved the script, or vale we have thrown over Truth, the Love that was always there is revealed.. No one is punished in this process, because no one is or was ever guilty of anything, including ourselves. We are only dreaming a dream of our own making, a virtual reality, scripted in complete opposition to Truth. This dream of separation, which morphs into perpetuating states of fear, guilt and suffering, is certain to continue without the intervention of forgiveness. We wrote this script against ourselves and excluded Perfect Love as well as forgiveness; that’s why Christ offers an unconditional solution, through ACIM. Forgiveness takes away only illusion and allows us to live in a world of Peace. Peace is why we came.

Everything is a cry for Love here. No matter how bad we judge a person's or our own actions, or how good we think they are being; we are all crying out for Love, because we do remember, deep within, that we are this. Those we would condemn need forgiveness as much as those we have compassion for. Make no distinctions in forgiveness; everyone is an aspect of ourselves, just waiting to awaken. Forgiving 99.9% of the population and leaving out our nemesis, (we all have one) is not true forgiveness, (so Christ whispered to me one night when I had become a little resistant).

Truly forgiving ourselves seems to be the most difficult thing to do. Forgiving others does make as space for self forgiveness. It not an obvious thing; the mind or ego just ceases to play the guilt trips and peace returns quietly as a result of this.

Forgiveness removes only the untrue, lifting the shadows from the world and carrying it, safe and sure within its gentleness, to the bright world of new and clean perception.


About Forgiveness


is the fragrance the violet sheds on the heal that has crushed it

Mark Twain


You are eternally innocent and guiltless. You are only dreaming you are not

Our biggest  problem on  the planet appears to be other people


What could you want that forgiveness cannot give?  

Do you want peace?  Forgiveness offers it.  

Do you want happiness, a quiet mind, a certainty of purpose, and a sense of worth and

beauty that transcends the world?  

Do you want care and safety, and the warmth of sure protection always?  

Do you want a quietness that cannot be disturbed, a gentleness that never can be hurt, a deep, abiding comfort, and a rest so perfect it can never be upset?  All this forgiveness offers you and more.

Forgiveness Mentoring Session Prices

1 Hour Session $85.00 AUD

2 Hour (Double) session $150.00 AUD

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Forgiveness the Key to Peace and Freedom

Forgiveness brings me all this and more...

Trust                          Peace                             Perfect Love                  Freedom & Creativity      Truth & Vision

Strength                     Wisdom & Compassion    Inner Connection           Oneness                        True Power

As I forgive

I am forgiven


and will come to realize that

we were only dreaming

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