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Tell the Holy Spirit the story


I now hand ……….(NAME ) over to the Holy Spirit to forgive him/her for me

I have realized that I was mistaken about her/him

This story is not Truth but a script I made up; it was only my mis-creation

and I cannot and do not know how to fix this myself

I now wish to forgive it all, including all guilt & its repercussions

and in doing so I release us both,

because we are dreaming


I now step back and through the face of Christ

I see …..(NAME)

and realize that I’m seeing this person through my illusionary script

when he/she is really just a shining part of Creation

and is safe, whole, complete, Home, eternally innocent and guiltless

as I am


I now extend God's perfect love and forgiveness to ……….(NAME)

For what never really happened

And I extend this to All of Creation with no exception

I was just using this drama to hide my True identity

I am Love that is all


I thank……(NAME) for being the beautiful part of Creation he/she Is

and for encouraging me to return to home

by showing me what I need to forgive

and waiting for me peacefully in the Light ,

until I embrace my Wholeness again

I thank Creation itself for supporting me always

and reminding that I am much more than I ever believed


It is through God's love that I forgive ........Name    

And it is through God's love that I forgive myself…….


I step back now and with loving gratitude,  

accept and allow Christ to gently correct and heal my mind

for it is only my mind that needs healing

And as I do the shadow I have cast upon …Name…and all of Creation

Will dissolve into the nothingness from which it came

allowing NAME...to be free

and peace to be restored to my mind

I am truly blessed.  Thank You


This can be adapted to forgive any situation


In our Home, the Holy Light of Oneness, forgiveness has no relevance. The ego script of good and bad and its need for punishment is a human imagining.

We are so entrenched in the dream now that we long ago forgot we were dreaming and living in a reality akin to a Movie World set, where sins and wrongdoings appear to be happening; but in Truth, do not. We lay great judgments on others and ourselves for “what never happened,’” and can’t be convinced that we are simply mistaken. Thankfully Spirit has given us a tool to help us see and release our screenplays.  We need to be very grateful!  On awakening this will all seem pretty ridiculous….

There are many beautifully powerful forgiveness prayers in ACIM. But for those who are not familiar or inclined to do the Course, I offer a prayer, influenced by ACIM.

I give this to my non-Course students and clients as it helps them understand and reinforce the principles & amazing benefits of forgiveness. They  develop Trust as they watch forgiveness work in their lives. Some of my students & clients go on to do the Course, others just continue to forgive. I have seen many lives and families brought into harmony through this prayer. I now offer it to the world as it was offered to me.

All you need is a little willingness to forgive and Spirit will take care of the rest.  Just say the prayer. You don't have to understand or like it, you just need to say it, and then become the observer of the miracle - which may be sooner than you think!

Do you know what the music is saying?

Come follow me and you will find the way.

Your mistakes can also lead you to the Truth.

When you ask, the answer will be given.


ACIM Prayer Page

coming soon....

All you need is a little willingess

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Jesus does not have a form; it is just the most exquisite energy we all could and will someday experience. The form is usually associated with religion, but I use it here only to represent this energy, as once experienced it cannot be forgotten or ignored any longer. This Light is who we are and that is truly beautiful; it is our mirror.  The Christ Light is something that cannot be put in words, like this picture, it can only convey the feeling to those willing to receive it.

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Just read this Prayer - in your head or out loud

Trust cannot usually be pulled out of thin air;

it needs to be experienced to

be believed and grown. Forgiveness does this

You are an eternally

innocent, guiltless part of Creation.

You are only dreaming that you are not

What could you want that forgiveness cannot give?  

Do you want peace?  Forgiveness offers it.  

Do you want happiness, a quiet mind, a certainty of purpose, and a sense of worth and beauty that transcends the world?  

Do you want care and safety, and the warmth of sure protection always?  

Do you want a quietness that cannot be disturbed, a gentleness that never can be hurt, a deep, abiding comfort, and a rest so perfect it can never be upset?  

All this forgiveness offers you and more

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The Forgiveness Prayer

The Forgiveness Prayer

All you need is a little Willingness

The Energy of Jesus

The Energy of the Christ Light

ACIM Prayers

Forgiveness Offers Everything I Want  ©ACIM Lesson 122

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