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By Julia Styles, Mar 30 2015 05:48AM

I never cease to be amazed at the jumbled, clashing mesh of stories that become visible during Past Life Healing. Even more surprising, is being able to observe how segments of multiple, turbulent stories can negatively impact and warp present lives.

Finding and discharging the appropriate story and all it contains takes the ‘I wonder why this keeps happening to me’ question, right out of the equation and can, maybe after hundreds of intolerable incarnations, restore a person to their True power.

This tool is extremely valuable because unhealed Past Life shards may be the catalyst for our desire to keep engaging in looping incarnations that are, to name a few: depressing, disconnected, isolating, fruitless, de-motivated, uncreative, disruptive and mind numbingly repetitive. Our true gifts struggle for acknowledgement and survival under these conditions.

I truly love this work, it brings so much relief, clarity and freedom through it's insights and it's powerful neutralizing effect on the unhealed emotional fragments that have been dislodged from obsolete lives. Thankfully, discovering and clearing the Past Life layer that is having the highest impact on our present life, will disassemble so many other similar incarnations and clear the way for a more positive life NOW.

Then, as John Lennon wrote ‘The Dream is Over.’

We are so blessed...Julia x

By Julia Styles, Dec 10 2014 01:37AM

As the year comes to an end the energy is surging, causing that which is no longer relevant in our lives to be surfaced and shaken up to a point where we can no longer ignore it. We can recognize this and release our outmoded patterns with grace and ease or we can go down screaming! All unresolved surfacing energy either needs transmutation through healing/correction or by being expressed on a physical level; the latter is often uncomfortable and incomplete, (more on this in a few days). Either way, change will occur because the energies rolling in in 2015 can no longer support and hold these old memories, concepts, grudges, beliefs etc, as blueprints for human existence; they are much too dense to flow with the higher vibration of the planet. It is a wonderful time to be doing this work as the healings now are just phenomenal; my clients seem to be shifting and flowing so much more easily through this change. It is a change that is affecting every single person on the planet in a major way and we have only just begun this shift. So be prepared to become unstuck!

Many blessings



By Julia Styles, Apr 11 2014 02:28PM

About this Prayer

Try the Angel of Surrender Prayer if you are in despair or just need to let go of issues that are blocking you. Surrendering is a gentle way to give up suffering for yourself and others as it allows Spirit to quietly dissolve defenses and heal all illusionary wounds; restoring Truth to the mind. Surrendering is an act of great strength and wisdom. This prayer was on my old website and due to its positive healing impact on many people’s lives; the Angels are offering it, with Love, to humanity once more

How to Use this Prayer

You Just need to read it. You will find that when you have finished, the person or issue will have lost some or all of its charge. You can leave it there and just watch the miracles appear in your reality for a few days, or you can repeat the prayer. You can repeat this prayer as often as you like; once a day is recommended on different people and issues. Although, if you read this prayer through 2 or 3 times in one sitting, you will often feel the person or issue neutralize. It is a matter of choice.

The Prayer

Through the guidance & love from the Angels, I surrender this situation, for I cannot heal this by myself, and understand now that I was never meant to.

I stand naked as my God-self, safe in the Light of Absolute Truth..

and as I do I bravely and gently release and forgive (person/s name)……………for (optional)....................

I let go, from my heart and mind, all the illusions created between us; I surrender all between us that is not unconditional love

I surrender this knowing that it will be completely healed through the Angels in the most gentle and loving way for all concerned

I surrender who I thought you were and what I perceived you to have done

I surrender all the uncomfortable feelings and emotions I have about you & the situation

I surrender all expectation I have of you, and you of me and of the situation

I surrender you as my physical (boss, sister or whoever)

I surrender you as my mentor and teacher

I surrender you as my nemesis, tormentor, judge, jury & executioner & vice versa

I surrender all judgment of you & myself, knowing we are only dreaming

I surrender all separation, suffering, guilt, shame, blame & the need for punishment & damnation

I surrender all loss, abandonment and rejection

I surrender all obstruction, restriction and limitation

I surrender this issue from its inception, including all programming, conditioning, beliefs & desire for this.

I surrender all images, aspects & memories of this and all its momentum through time & space

I surrender all competition; I surrender the need to win or lose or to be right or wrong

I surrender all hurt, sorrow, regret, anger; all mind games, hate & the need for revenge and war

I surrender all prejudice, superiority & inferiority. I now surrender my feelings of worthlessness

I surrender all perceived karma & it’s perceived downloads from other lives & realms of existence

I surrender the need for ever wanting an apology

I surrender all that is shown and all that is hidden

I surrender all ego contracts, agreements, vows, curses & spells etc, allowing God to be restored in my mind

I surrender the script I wrote against myself and my projection of it onto you. I surrender its cause and effects through all layers of time and space and anywhere else

I let go of all that engulfs you in my illusion as I surrender all illusion

I forgive you for what never really happened and I to, am forgiven

For I remember now that we are all innocent, guiltless & sinless, and we were only dreaming we are not.

I now surrender you into God's hands to follow your own path so that I may follow mine.

We now stand before God, equal in His/Her eyes and heart;

We now stand before each other, equal in our own eyes and hearts.

I let go of you in totality, you are free and so am I. I Am in great appreciation for veils have been dissolved

There is nothing left between us NOW but unconditional Love

I now surrender my heart and mind to my God-self, allowing its higher wisdom and sweeter heart to be restored eternally in mine.

I Am aware & very thankful my surrender also assists humanity to release all similar scenarios.

It is done. Thank you Angels, I am blessed. Peace is restored to my mind and heart and the minds and hearts of all those involved.

So be it

By Julia Styles, Mar 29 2014 03:37PM

Brought to the awareness of ©Julia Styles

The core of all problems in this reality called Earth, began in the nano second we thought that we were not part of the great web of Creation itself. With that tiny thought we seemingly closed our mind to Creation/God, or whatever name you wish to call this beautiful state, and the suffering began.

In Truth we all exist in one state, the state of pure love, where, not only those who have seemingly passed over or died exist, but also everyone who is still here with us now. The pure love version of ourselves is the REAL ONE; we are just a warped, thought induced dream version of our Whole Self.

In that nano second, we dreamt of what it would be like not to be part of Creation. As we did, the duality was birthed and we stepped into our dream by projecting our holographic thought form here including all its special effects, and called it a “human being.” We have used that seemingly separated thought to project into the many illusionary, diverse realities that are manifested as existences, throughout the Cosmos. We have had zillions of experiences and have split into zillions of fragmented dreams in order to do this.

At the moment, seven billion human fragments and counting, plus those who have appeared to have died, are still dreaming this Earthly/Astral existence of life and death. For every human it will end one day and they will either move to other separate universal experiences or return to Truth/Home.

As eternal beings we have no beginning and no end; no birth or death. Mortality “attributes” stem from the separate ego agenda and are part of its foundation to keep us in a state of fear and forgetfulness.

Fortunately, although we have forgotten the Truth, it does not obliterate the Presence of Creation within and all around us. There is nowhere it is not and if we were to get an eraser and rub away the layers of ancient, inky scripts that we have used in an attempt to overwrite it, Creation would be revealed to us once again . (Note: Our best erasers are healing through forgiveness). Divine Presence is everywhere – only our projections obscure its view and our experience of it.

Prior to our initial entrance into this realm, we may have been dreaming a different existence somewhere else in the holographic, universal playing field. But lets assume that in-between these existences we had returned to our Home, our state of Oneness. What we would experience there is far beyond anything anyone can put into words. Our experience of this beautiful state can only be felt in a diluted way here, even by the most ardent seekers – although even at this intensity it is breathtaking exquisite and all encompassing. Once felt it is never forgotten or cast aside again.

What we touch with these Divine encounters is the vibration within us of pure unconditional love. It contains no judgment, no danger, no loss of worth, no suffering, no guilt, no earthly birth or death. If invited, it will gently hold us in its feather- like embrace, allowing its unspoken love to be experienced, once again, by us. We would feel totally loved and supported yet powerful beyond anything we could ever imagine as a blinkered, separated human. This experience is more than familiar, it is a touch of Home and there is nothing on the Earth plain that we have created, that comes near to it. We have to want to have it resurfaced from within us, for it to emerge. It is, unlike everything else on Earth, it is eternal and truly comforting. Again, it is experiential; descriptions will never do it justice, even by the most gifted of writers or speakers. As each reunion with our ‘Whole Self “deepens a little more we will wonder at the futility of our decision to ever resist, or try to operate in any existence, apart from it.

Right now the Earth realm is earnestly beginning to awaken to the whole picture and for this we can be so very thankful. Its movement is thankfully away from the visions of suffering offered to it by the egoic mind. The foggy glasses of illusion are being cleansed with the assistance of Spirit. (How blessed we are for the assistance offered to us at this time by these beautiful beings of love and compassion). Many more humans than ever before are seeking Truth, and for them the true vision of Creation is beginning to appear. This vision is of true unity, not unity in division. True unity has no winners and loser, oppressors and victims etc, but is a unity of peace, compassion and cooperation for the good of all.

For those who have not noticed the positive changes and clearer vision yet, it may be time to begin the inevitable inward journey to un-fog their lenses. It is a process of healing and forgiveness that once begun, will reveal a much more vibrant world. As the blocks to awareness are dissolved seekers of Truth will become more peaceful within and their external world will reflect this change. And though they may still see the suffering for a while, while they adjust to their new glasses, it will begin to dissipate, especially if they apply forgiveness to all situations. Connecting with the Whole Self through any of the wonderful techniques around today will make huge changes. It is difficult to think of a more beautiful and worthwhile thing to do for yourself, humanity and all of Creation itself.

May you soon find the peace that you truly are.

Many blessing Julia

Mob 0401559849

Lighting the Way © Julia Styles 2014

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Many Divine insights and guidance on awakening will be shared here; please feel free to comment as we all have a piece of the jigsaw that is assisting to restore joy, peace & Oneness to all minds.

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