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Remembrance is all about Forgetting - 19.10.09

From the Heart of Oneness – brought to the Awareness of Julia

Copyright© Julia Styles 2009 All rights reserved.


Memory loss is concerning many, but Spirit assures us that for most, it’s due to planetary energy shifts. As the incoming higher mind works on thought transference & knowingness, words will gradually become our second choice.

It is difficult to describe the sweet feeling of Creation/God or whatever name you wish to assign to this magnificent energy, for it has to be experienced in its true state to be believed. It is not a doctrine containing fearful opposites as is often portrayed on Earth.  For you see  it has no opposites and you are surely used to your experiences coming in opposites.  We from the Heart of Oneness fully understand that for most of you to experience anything without its opposite is very confusing.  Human imagination, at present would have trouble perceiving this “phenomena” without the gradual mind adjustments that, thankfully are taking place now. The Cosmos, having no beginning and no end, is another example of the nature of the higher state, which the human mind is not yet able to fully understand or accept.  No matter, Truth is gradually being revealed as the collective busy mind begins to close down and the peaceful, uncluttered knowingness of Love emerges from behind its shadows.

As this is occurring you may have begun to notice that many of you are forgetting things you ‘used to’ or believe you ‘should’ remember. This is a deliberate process to undo the overactive human mind that distorts or blocks the Truth and its conveyance of wisdom. To restore humans to the knowingness of Creation, the content of the separate mind is gently being dissolved. Thoughts manifest into matter and so thoughts that cause suffering need to be transmuted.  (We would dare to go as far as to say - No mind - no matter – only Love – a process already in motion, but seemingly some distance from its completeness in your illusionary awareness.  

Even so, the point where you are, in regard to this mind altering experience is a huge stepping stone for you all. Many presently feel they may be suffering from the initial onset of dementia, where in fact, it is only the dissolving of untruths from the old. Illusionary mind; a mind of suffering from which humans have long been afflicted.

Names are noticeably being forgotten at the moment for they are labels used to identify humans, things and concepts in their states of separateness.  Although this may seem pretty scary and maybe more than a little absurd to you, it is not.  Names in themselves have been useful in the linear time frame where they have been needed to identify others; (although, we have noticed that there does seem to be an overkill effect happening here.) This will not be the case in the new energy where names will lose their importance somewhat.  We will explain this further:

A time will come when someone will mention a person – for example, “Susan” and just through knowingness, everyone will know which Susan, out of the thousands of Susan’s on the Planet, is being referred to.  Susan will also know she is being spoken of because the seemingly separate minds of humans have begun to dissolve, revealing the Oneness/knowingness of the All, (which has actually been there all the time, obscured only by the imprints of human thought).

Words are human’s primary source of communication but this will not always be so.  As words begin to drop away, thought transference will come to the fore. This will lead up to the introduction of the simple and complete ‘knowingness’ of Oneness, where not even the transference will be necessary – everything is known by the All without needing any kind of transmission. This is how the higher essence of Oneness operates throughout the Cosmos - in a state of all knowing Being-ness.

Many of you have already experienced these things to some degree. We now assure you that this will gradually become the norm because it is your natural state of Being.  The changes will not all come at once, so there is no need to be concerned that by tomorrow the spoken word will be obsolete, this is not the case, there is a very gradual shift  towards words becoming the lesser form of communication. Be assured also that you will enjoy the easy, connective communication of the Oneness so much that it will simply become your first choice and speech will seem laborious and clunky in comparison.  

We understand that many will throw their hands in horror at the thought of this, for words are very precious to you and indeed have been instrumental in relaying information that is necessary or would otherwise be left unshared. But now it is time to begin sharing information through a different and more natural means. Just imagine for a moment that no words or computers are needed because all information could be sent and received instantaneously to everyone in the Cosmos.  You will find that the suffering on your planet will gradually dissolve along with this change, because your current method of information transference comes with many untruths, whereas information shared in the Oneness contains only Truth – and Truth cannot harm you.

The point where you are now Dear Ones, is but a few stepping stones on your journey towards the gentle undoing and freeing of your seemingly separate minds, gradually allowing the restoration of the Whole. Only then will you fully and truly experience the absolute beauty of the All.

We celebrate with you, for you have come so far in this mammoth undertaking; an undertaking where the outcome is assured.  Your journey home is worth more than you could ever perceive with your limited vision right now, for the true energy of Creation is the sweetest experience of all. When you forget what never was, you will remember and bask in what IS.

We have One heart

It beats to the joy of Creation

There is no mind

Just sweetness


Blessings from the Heart of Oneness






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