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Through the guidance & love from the Angels, I surrender this situation, for I cannot heal this by myself, and understand now that I was never meant to.

I stand naked as my God-self, safe in the Light of Absolute Truth..

and as I do I bravely and gently release and forgive (person/s name)……………for (optional)....................

I let go, from my heart and mind, all the illusions created between us; I surrender all between us that is not unconditional love

I surrender this knowing that it will be completely healed through the Angels in the most gentle and loving way for all concerned

I surrender who I thought you were and what I perceived you to have done

I surrender all the uncomfortable feelings and emotions I have about you & the situation

I surrender all expectation I have of you, and you of me and of the situation

I surrender you as my physical (boss, sister or whoever)

I surrender you as my mentor and teacher

I surrender you as my nemesis, tormentor, judge, jury & executioner & vice versa

I surrender all judgment of you & myself, knowing we are only dreaming

I surrender all separation, suffering, guilt, shame, blame, lack & the need for punishment & damnation

I surrender all loss, abandonment and rejection

I surrender all obstruction, restriction and limitation

I surrender this issue from its inception, including all programming, conditioning, beliefs, attachments & desire for this.

I surrender all images, aspects & memories of this and all its momentum through time & space, from all that is hidden and all that is known.

I surrender all competition; I surrender the need to win or lose or to be right or wrong

I surrender all hurt, sorrow, regret, anger; all mind games, hate & the need for revenge and war

I surrender all prejudice, superiority, inferiority & righteousnesss. I now surrender my feelings of worthlessness

I surrender all perceived karma & it’s perceived downloads from other lives & realms of existence

I surrender the need for ever wanting an apology; I surrender all justification

I surrender all ego contracts, agreements, vows, curses & spells etc, allowing God to be restored in my mind

I surrender the script I wrote against myself and my projection of it onto you. I surrender its cause and effects through all layers of time and space and anywhere else

I let go of all that engulfs you in my illusion as I surrender all illusion, I withdraw the Creative energy used to make this

I forgive you for what never really happened and I to, am forgiven

For I remember now that we are all innocent, guiltless & sinless, and we were only dreaming we are not.

I now surrender you into God's hands to follow your own path so that I may follow mine.

We now stand before God, equal in His/Her eyes and heart; We now stand before each other, equal in our own eyes and hearts.

I let go of you & the situation in totality, you are free and so am I. I Am in great appreciation, for veils have been dissolved

There is nothing left between us NOW but unconditional Love

I now surrender my heart and mind to my God-self, allowing its higher wisdom and sweeter heart to be restored eternally in mine.  

I Am aware & very thankful my surrender also assists humanity to release all similar scenarios.

It is done. Thank you Angels, I am blessed. Peace is restored to my mind and heart and the minds and hearts of all those involved. I Now choose joy, peace, harmony, love and abundance. Thank you, thank you, thank you. So be it....


What God wants from us is not a million acts of virtue, but a million acts of surrender, culminating in one massive surrender of soul, mind and body

Change is the essence of life. Be willing to surrender what you are for what you could become

Get out of the way Beloved


About this Prayer

Try the Angel of Surrender Prayer if you are in despair or just need to let go of issues that are blocking you. Surrendering is a gentle way to give up suffering for yourself and others as it allows Spirit to quietly dissolve defenses and heal all illusionary wounds; restoring Truth to the mind. Surrendering is an act of great strength and wisdom. This prayer was on my old website and due to its positive healing impact on many people’s lives; the Angels are offering it, with Love, to humanity once more


How to Use this Prayer

You Just need to read it. You will find that when you have finished, the person or issue will have lost some or all of its charge. You can leave it there and just watch the miracles appear in your reality for a few days, or you can repeat the prayer. You can repeat this prayer as often as you like; once a day is recommended on different people and issues.  Although, if you read this prayer through 2 or 3 times in one sitting, you will often feel the person or issue neutralize. It is a matter of choice.


Become the observer in your world.  Notice the changes in yourself and others after you have said this prayer.

This prayer offers no threat or repercussions. Its gentle outcomes offer only win-win situations for all concerned. 

The Angel of Surrender Prayer

this prayer has helped countless people around the world

I receive a lot of very positive feedback from it's users

Feathers are

The Angel's Calling Cards

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Just read this Prayer - in your head or out loud