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A Healing Presence

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There seems to be a lot learn on this path

yet there is nothing;only the remembrance

of all we already are.

I unconditionally and fully extend to you all that

I am now aware of, so that the cobwebs may be gently dusted from your mind, as you awaken from the dream alongside me

we are One

My Art

The art that is expressed through my painting, graphics and sculpture is about connecting the observer with that which is within them. It bypasses the conscious mind to activate awareness and reminds the observer that the body, or the form, is an illusion. A lot of my art seems very childlike; this is deliberate because it helps to connect with the inner child; the child that is often locked away, deep beneath the layers of form, where it holds all of our emotions, including joy.My art seems to know who it belongs to way before I do.

Hello, I'm Julia; its wonderful to be able to connect with you this way. I hope you enjoy the site; it has been designed to assist a wide range of spiritual seekers.  I Am a co-creator of this site, with Spirit. My part is to simply create a physical vehicle to enable Spirit to get information to all those who pass through.  Your predestined part is to visit; nothing is by chance. This work is a reminder for us all. We are blessed.

General Info

A Mother and Grandmother

Gemini born 1952 -  England

Migrated to Australia 1966

Loves: Family & Friends, Oneness, A Course in Miracles, Forgiveness, A Course for Love, Way of Mastery, Power of Now, Art, Music,

Comedy (Especially The Office - English Version), Animals, Music, Colour, Technology & Gadgets (Gemini)!

Discussing God/Creator/All That Is and extending this beautiful Presence to everyone, through all I do

Spiritual Journey:

Being brought up in a family that was open to Spirit, it all seemed relatively normal for me. My Nan was very psychic and my parents were both healers and channels. Being exposed to Trance and Mediumship channeling at an early age, I was later able to weed out and discern between the channel of Truth Absolute and all of those in-between; (it didn’t happen overnight and I took many a seemingly wrong turn while learning)!  In the beginning I discovered more about what was not, than what IS. Once I learned to go straight to God through the Christ Light my life changed. I was guided to many beautiful healing modalities and some amazing Souls.

Much later into the journey I discovered that name numerically resonates to “Master Teacher of Metaphysics.”  This information came from Australia's leading numerologist and my Reiki Master, McKenzie Clay, who strongly advised me to use it as it would lead myself and others to Truth; it is only for this reason that I do. It is a temporary label that serves a temporary purpose. Spiritually I know nothing else about myself except that I Am part of Creation itself, like everyone else – thankfully! This is really all I ne4ed to know.

My life has been far from simple, there seems to have been so much to heal within myself so that Truth can be restored to my mind.  It’s a familiar story isn’t it!  But it truly is an amazing journey Home and my gratitude is immense.  I can only share the knowingness I’ve been shown, in great appreciation for all the help I’ve had from Spirit and everyone else.

A Course in Miracles has had a profound influence on my life; once read I was changed forever; I can never look at the world through those tiny lenses again. My thanks for this beautiful writing is inexpressible in the form of these words.

Some paths I have taken to be where I am in this moment are:

Reiki Master/Healer for 20 odd years (retired except for Absent work), Author of "Insights for Reiki Masters" & other published and so far, unpublished writing, Forgiveness; Theta & Quantum, Past Lives; Psychic Readings; Mediumship; EFT, RPT;  Auric & Property Clearing: Crystal Teaching &  Balancing; Vibrational Healing; Colour Therapy; Karma Releasing; Angels; Body Harmony; Meditation; Unweaving Duality Scripts; Spiritual Guidance and probably more.  

I have run workshops and meditation groups around Australia and have done many one-on-one, phone, absent and internet healings from around the world.  

All of the above are temporary labels and hats worn to help bring us to Self Realization. Every healing I offer helps to awaken all of us; for we are One Mind.  Healings are part of the human/spirit jigsaw puzzle of which we all have our own unique combinations of pieces and a jigsaw puzzle needs all of its pieces to be complete.

My Work Now

As the consciousness on the planet continues to rise, more and more people are beginning to awaken. Many have been called to assist this process.  After many years of working in this field, Spirit has guided me to the areas  where I can be most helpful. They are all the things I am passionate about and are included in The Healing Presence Website  

I am truly blessed

About Me

I Am not really this at all; I Am only dreaming identities for a short while.

Like all reading these words right NOW and those who are not,

we are so much more; we are One.

Me is not the centre of the Universe. I Am

When we realized we are all mad, then the mystery

disappears and life stands explained!

So blessed by:

My Passion

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