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Healing Relaxing Rejuvenating Life Force Energy

Reiki healing reduces stress, promotes relaxation which then triggers the body’s natural healing abilities; consequently improving and maintaining good health. Reiki healing is a natural therapy that gently balances life energies and brings health and well being to the recipient. It is the energy of self love.

It’s a non-invasive healing energy that works with the Higher Self of the recipient to promoting health and well being of the entire physical, emotional, mental and psychic bodies. It balances and brings the receiver into alignment with the Whole Self.

Reiki is a specific type of subtle energy work in which healing is performed by the touch of the hand or is sent absently through the limitless Divine source, to the patient via the Reiki practitioner. It is extremely powerful, yet gentle energy that can be transmitted all living things or situations anywhere in the world or Cosmos. Reiki healing is a pure, gentle and powerful energy form. When it is combined with a sincere, deep desire of the receiver to be willing to allow the healing to occur on all levels, then a total healing will occur.

I also offer Absent Reiki Labour (Labor) Assist. Please contact me for more details

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Session 1 hour $85.00AUD Bookings essential - email me or phone 040 1559849    

Phone, In Person, Absent with full email or phone feedback  

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Dissolving the Past - Restoring the Now

Ninety nine percent of the healing from past life session comes from the understanding of where and seemingly when a present issue arose. People often have an "aha" moment at the end of a healing as the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle fall into place for them; often with great relief.


Past lives are not a game, they can be an amazing part of healing the Whole being; but soon afterwards we are wise to remember they are illusionary and move on from them. In my many thousands of past life sessions with people, I have only come across a couple of famous people. These showed themselves because it was imperative to the healing.

Past lives also help people to see who they are and why they do certain things. The gifts they have are often gathered in the experiences of the universal multi aspected self and can be utilized in this life.


Difficult relationships, especially within the family, are often echo’s from unresolved past live. They are definitely not the only source of difficult relationships here though. There are simply millions of dreamt up scenarios that can be tapped into with past lives, and if healed with integrity can be a great service to humanity. Read More   Book a Session


Session 1 hour $85.00AUD  Bookings essential - email me or  phone 040 1559849    

Phone, In Person - Face Time  or Absent with full email or phone feedback  

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Forgiveness Offers Everything I Want  ©ACIM LESSON #122

What could you want that forgiveness cannot give?  

Do you want peace?  Forgiveness offers it.  

Do you want happiness, a quiet mind, a certainty of purpose, and a sense of worth and beauty that transcends the world?  

Do you want care and safety, and the warmth of sure protection always?  

Do you want a quietness that cannot be disturbed, a gentleness that never can be hurt, a deep, abiding comfort, and a rest so perfect it can never be upset?  

All this forgiveness offers you and more.


The Truth of this can be validated by those who know how to forgive.  Forgiveness is quite simple and beautiful when you know how. If you are ready to free your world of all it's angst, these powerful sessions will change your world.  I could never explain it more beautifully and Truthfully than the above writings from ACIM.  

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Individual Session 1 hour  $85.00AUD Bookings essential - email me or

phone 040 1559849    

Phone - Face Time - Group or In Person  For payment information- scroll to bottom of page

Reaching...........anyone...........anywhere ......,....and any situation

Forgiveness  Healing Circle

coming soon to Busselton WA.

email or phone me for more details  Mob 0401559849

The Angel of Surrender



The Forgiveness Prayer


These popular, powerful prayers often bring miracles to people, animals and

situations, when all hope

appears to be lost


Lots of positive feedback from people around the world


Miracles are known to happen around these





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gift of  an

 absent healing 

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A Healing Presence

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Neutralizing Trauma from it's Inception - Restoring Peace

Trauma left untreated can cause physical, emotional & mental issues resulting in blocks in our being.  Imprints and memories of any trauma sit within us, as if frozen in time and space and cause disruption, discomfort, & unconscious re-enactments to occur in our lives. Trauma can be inherited from unresolved ancestral downloads; from the conscious collective; from this and past lives and other places.

TST is effective in PTSD issues, birth trauma and traumatic occurrences, and all of its hidden effects, allowing Love to be restored and take its place. Dissolving trauma from its inception has a domino effect on all similar traumas.  I have witnessed this method extinguish physical, mental and emotional issues in minutes. It can truly be a miraculous therapy.  

Trauma Shift is my off shoot of RPT, and my experience with many other modalities, under the wonderful guidance from Spirit. This therapy is often instant and amazing for many who are ready to engage with it.

Email me for more info  or  book a Session


Session 1 hour $85.00AUD

Bookings essential  email me or phone 040 1559849    

Phone or in person   For payment information - scroll to bottom of page.

Invisible Energy working directly with Creation

DNA Correction


Sub-conscious reprogramming of limiting beliefs

Clearing negative energy & entities

Past Life Program Clearing

Ancestral Imprints Clearing

Physical Healing and correction

Clearing trauma and conditioning from this life

Energy Balancing

Body Alignments

Assists in de-tox after medical treatments

& so much more....Read More   Book a Session


Session 1 hour $85.00AUD Bookings essential - email me or phone 040 1559849    

Phone, In Person or Absent with full email or phone feedback  

For payment information - scroll to bottom of page

The creation of this site is being built piece by piece. It is love continually being brought into form through the guidance of Presence. Please return  often to see  its progress and additions. "Thank you" everyone who has contributed to this site through their loving thoughts, support, patience (lots  needed), and donations, helping  to initiate and ensure its flow through time and space.  It is very much appreciated and continues to enable Spirit's vision of love and healing to pour through these pages, assisting us to improve and evolve our reality. If you wish to send loving thoughts to and through this site, please do, they will always be  received with much love and gratitude as they silently flow through cyberspace into this world.. If you would like to contribute through donations  it is always very much appreciated; thank you.     Many blessings and much love    Julia x

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Disclaimer. All healings offered through this site are considered alternate or complimentary approaches to healing. Many spiritual healings can, and do correct the mind and bodily  conditions, but please seek medical advice if needed & continue with any prescribed medications


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Theta Healing Sessions

Forgiveness Mentoring Sessions

Past Life Therapy with the Akashic Masters

Incredible on many leveles!

Self Nurturing!

Deep emotional shifts!

With Julia Styles

Master Teacher of Metaphysics

Spiritual Teacher/Healer

Past Life Therapist with The Akashic Masters

Certified level 2 Theta Practitioner

Forgiveness Mentor ACIM

Reiki Master/Author - "Insights for Reiki Masters"


Trauma Therapist

Visionary Artist/Writer/Sculptor

Whimsy & Big Eyed Painter


Over 35 years experience..


Specializing In:


Past Life Healing with the Akashic Masters

Full report included with Past Life Absents

Theta Healing

Forgiveness & Spiritual Mentoring

Trauma Therapy


Absent/Distant Healing

Phone, Face Time In Person

It's wonderful to connect with you through this site. I am blessed.


A Healing Presence was created to assist in the empowerment of humanity through healing, forgiveness and higher information (Truth). This site offers everyone an opportunity to clear the blocks that prevent awareness.


Here you will find some powerful healing techniques and prayers as well as other triggers to rememberance, such as writing, art and color.

Specializing in Past Life Therapy & Absent Healing


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